Monday, May 26, 2014


The Primrose Path

Another Fraser River HASMAT site

Submitted by FVRD Dir Wendy Bales/Voice file photo


contaminated toxic soil remediation plant has been proposed in Mission next to the Fraser River and likely will include a barging site.


More insult to an injured river!

The issues never end. Please read the attached and write, as this could easily affect all the habitat areas that depend on the Fraser as a corridor.

The above attached environmental protection notice was in the Mission Record- Friday May 16, pg. 3. More Toxic Waste Contaminated Soil proposed next to the Fraser River. The notice was in the back of the paper, but the issue needs to go front page as there is only about 3 weeks to comment. Some of the toxic ingredients like Benzene make me think of the soil that may come from pipeline spills.

The notice says Summit Recycling intends to submit an application to permit a contaminated soil remediation plant at 31870 Duncan Ave.

This property was the topic of the March 3 public hearing regarding barge loading. The sight involves extensive bank work. See page 26.

The minutes of the meeting, such as they are, are on page 176 of the March 5 agenda.

I can't say we completely understand what they are proposing- but the list of toxins mentioned in the 60,000 tonnes/yr of contaminated soil would seem as bad as the hasmat facility in Chilliwack.

The notice states that concerns can be sent to the applicant Myles Hagrove, and copied to the regional manager, Environmental protection, within 30 days of the notice. (June 13)



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