Friday, May 9, 2014

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Spadina Rollover

Spectacular accident leaves driver with minor injuries 

Staff/Voice photos


Citizens help stabilize an injured woman while waiting for paramedics to arrive on Friday.


n MVA Friday afternoon at the intersection of Spadina Ave. and Edwards St. sent one person to hospital with minor injuries and left the avenue with one less iconic flowering plum tree.


The accident, which happened just after 3 p.m., caused one of the vehicles to run into the median where it hit and uprooted a tree.


Thankfully, the driver of the overturned minivan suffered only minor injuries and managed to scramble out and get to the curb where she laid down on grass until paramedics were able to put her on a gurney and transport her to Chilliwack General Hospital.


The elderly driver of the silver Crown Victoria was uninjured, but she was shaken up from the airbag when it deployed.


According to ICBC Crash Maps, there have been no accidents at that corner since 2008.


According to a City worker, there were over 1000 plum trees planted in the 1980's throughout Chilliwack. Now they're at the end of their life span and will have to be replaced.


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