Monday, May 12, 2014


Accident  Avoidable

Reader says scissor lift need not have fallen over

Submitted by Robert McRae, Safety Expert, Mission BC/ Voice file photo


was saddened to see the read " freak accident" in regards to the self propelled work platform tipping over on Thursday afternoon at O'Conner Chrysler.

This was no freak accident. I have been teaching operator safety for well over 15 years. Once WorksafeBC finishes their investigation, this is pretty much what will be found... it's very simple.

1. The unit was left raised.
2. The banner was attached to the railing.
3. The unit was not designed to be used outside of a warehouse environment.
4. The person setting it up for advertising purposes was neither trained or a qualified operator.

The unit was left raised with banner attached to the railing a wind blew and the banner caught the wind like a sail creating a side force of more than the manufactures allowable limits causing the already unstable unit to be blown over and sadly injuring two innocent pedestrians.

The 4 points that I have outlined go directly against WorksafeBC regulations. each point is outlined in the manufactures manual the CSA and ANSI standards and tells a trained operator never do this under any circumstances.

This is a huge liability issue to all participants in this very sad occurrence.


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