Monday, May 12, 2014

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Name that Tune evening draws record numbers

Submitted by Peter Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


Guests enjoy revelry in the form of dance at Ryder Lake's Name that Tune evening.


he Event was a huge success. the final numbers are not in yet but it was one of the best yet financially. An event like this cannot be done by any one or even two people and our sincere gratitude goes out to all the people who donated their time to help it succeed.


The kitchen staff and cooks were exemplary. Dorothy, Gretel Hunter, Audrey Stollings, Pat Fuller, Patrick Stedman, Pam Higginson and the others that went above and beyond the call of duty in bussing tables, washing dishes and generally keeping things running smoothly. Diane Smith our lighting technician was a great asset.


Special thanks go out to Elsie Neufeld of the Chilliwacky Gogo's who did such a wonderful job assembling the items for the silent auction. Thanks to Chris Maycock for the loan of the Buttless Chaps, Sandi Titerle for her wonderful needlework in costuming. Tim and Shaggy for supplying us with the sound system and microphone set up.


Thanks also to Patrick Stedman for running the 50/50 draw. And to those who helped set up and clean up, particularly Tim Lawrence's parents who pitched in to help clear the tables after dinner. It made the whole event move very smoothly.


And not forgetting Malcolm Toms-Mr. Music. And of course The Triple Threat: Bruce Rein, Glen Titerle and the incomparable Evan Lewis who came in from Kamloops just for our show. AND to the Village Idiots, Glen Titerle, Bruce Rein, Evan Lewis, George Regehr, Tim Lawrence, and Arnie Nicholas who made our finale the most memorable yet.


We now have to wonder how we can top this for the next time. (we are working on it!) We may be putting another show on in October as a fundraiser for The Chilliwack Gogo's and The Stephen Lewis Foundation. Watch this space for upcoming details. And finally to our most esteemed superstar who braved her old age to close the show. Truly Memorable and so tasteful.


Thank you Mr. T Events like these are so beneficial to keep the Ryder Lake Hall going and for community spirit. It is very gratifying to be so well received. Thank you for your time and generosity.


We would greatly appreciate any photos of this event forwarded on to us so we can add them to our files.




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