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Just for Mom

A pictorial on the different ways people celebrated Mother's Day in Chilliwack

Staff/Voice photos


Sheila Wedler and her daughter Paige were at Island 22 on Mother's Day. Below, one son felt the best way to impress his mom was to take her for a plane ride.


hen someone's mother lives across the country, a phone call on Mother's Day would have to suffice. If you were lucky enough to have your mom with you on Sunday, then it was a chance to do something nice for her and maybe something even a little adventurous.

In Chilliwack, some sons and daughters took their moms out on the river in a boat. Others headed to the airport for a bird's eye view of the Fraser Valley in a plane.


Some kids took their mama out for brunch or drove down to Minter's Country Store to pick up a bouquet of flowers, while for others a simple walk in the park was a chance to spend some quality together.

At Island 22 Equestrian Park, we found one family celebrating the day on horseback.

Scott and Sheila Wedler were teaching their young daughters Paige and Abby how to ride and handle horses. They had the riding ring to themselves.


"I only do this because of them," said Sheila Wedler smiling and pointing at her daughters.



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This is dedicated to my mom, Gladys Armstrong, who was born and raised in Chilliwack, and who now lives in Kelowna. We weren't able to be together on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day, mom. I love you!