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'Bold & Brilliant'

3-Day life changing program for girls taught by an ex-cop

Released by Carla Webb, EMP/Handout photo



old and Brilliant provides the tools necessary for lives led with courage and compassion.  With horses as their teachers, girls get firsthand experience in setting healthy boundaries and staying true to their values.


They learn effective ways to communicate their needs and practice informed decision making with Empowered By Horses' SODA Method© (Situation, Options, Decision, Action). Through practical exercises, students familiarize themselves with how to say no to peer pressure, how to walk away from a bully and courageously say yes to positive choices.

Special savings for program dates: June 14-15 and July 5
Tuition is $497 plus GST. Sign up a friend or family member for $247 plus GST

Now until June 1st tuition is $397 plus GST. Add Family/Friend $197 plus GST
20 % savings. Space is limited to 8 girls.


Register for this program online here.



Courses and Programs for Adults


Herd Power
Your next opportunity to meet the herd and learn more about our empowering programs is June 8th (10:30 - noon). There is no cost to join and adults only please. Registration here.


Introduction to Heart Centered Leadership
Heart Centered Leadership begins with healthy communication, courage, and connection. This one-day program is designed to begin the leadership process through teamwork with other girls and safe interactions with horses. Help improve your daughter's confidence and self-esteem while developing skills that will be with her for a lifetime.

New dates have been added and three age groups. Read more here.

Fearless Feminine ~ For women June 21-22

Do you feel lost in routine? Is your decision-making lacking clarity and focus? Do you struggle to make time for yourself?

With horses as your guide:

• Get clear on your life passion and purpose.
• Take steps to access the power and wisdom of your heart
• Connect with horses and receive their powerful messages
• Access your heart intelligence to make healthier choices
• Clarify and commit to action plans and goals
• Nourish yourself with balance and joy

• Connect with like-minded women

Bed and Breakfast
The Bed and Breakfast at Anam Cara is now open. Escape the stress and busy-ness of daily life. Sink into the calm beauty of healthy, sustainable living.


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