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Drift Away

Chilliwack retiree finds his niche in driftwood art

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Mark Folsum shows a photo of his driftwood art Sunday at the Armouries.


ark Fulsom has visions. He sees images in oddly shaped pieces of driftwood. It's not unlike seeing the face of Jesus in a piece of toast. Sometimes it's an eagle, other times it's a whale.


The Chilliwack retiree spends time combing the banks of the Fraser River and Lower Mainland beaches for his pieces. It's not hard to assume his art begins it's voyage high in the north and slowly pounded into distinct shapes by torrents and rocks as it makes it's way to coastal waters.

"Driftwood art. That's what I'm into now. I've been doing driftwood art for about 6 months now," says Fulsom.

On Sunday, he was at the Armouries Flea Market selling collectibles.

Fulsom grabs a stack of photos off one of his tables and begins flipping through them. He holds one up and points out a curved piece of wood.

"This is a dragon and I made it into a cane. It's solid white pine," he says brimming with pride.

Fulsom has lived in Chilliwack for the last 20 years. He grew up in Vancouver often hanging out with Native people who taught him the basics of carving.

"When I was young, in 1967 at 8 or 9 years of age, I used to go down to Vancouver and stay at Riley Park and then go down to Pidgeon Park and carve with Dan Chief George. That's how I learned my stuff," explains Fulsom.

These days he keeps busy selling antiques and collector bric-a-brac and his carvings out of Ellen's Eclectic Gifts, multi-vendor store located at 7125 Vedder Rd. in Sardis.

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