Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Endowment fund helps local clubs 

Released by Rebecca Connop Price, Curl BC


url BC has launched new branding for its Curling For Life Endowment Fund.


The fund, which was set up by a group of dedicated curlers with the purpose of supporting the long-term growth and development of the sport, has doubled in size since 2010.


The new logo has been designed to showcase that curling is a sport for life, and can be enjoyed at any age. The cyclical nature of the logo depicts how the fund can support curling in perpetuity. Please see the logo at the top of this release and attached to this email.


The purpose of the fund is to ensure all generations of curlers benefit from curling now and in the future.


The capital, which started at $10,000 when the fund was created, has grown to $20,234 and has already generated $1,800 to help curling centres throughout the province.


As the capital grows, more money will become available, through funds generated by investments, to fund programs for curling centres across the province such as the Business of Curling program.


“We want to build on the successes of the Curling for Life Endowment Fund and grow the fund even more so we can help more centres realize their potential,” said Curl BC Campaign Director Melodie Murray in a release on Tuesday.


“We want to thank those people who have already donated to the fund and we invite anyone else to write to us or talk to us if they have any questions about the fund,” said Curl BC Chair Terry Vandale.


There are a variety of donation options:

• Cash – gifts of cash can be accepted including cheques, money orders and credit card payments.

• Bequest – gifts can be made through your Will and are a wonderful opportunity to support curling while leaving a legacy.

• Life Insurance – gifts of life insurance allow you to arrange an affordable future gift to the Fund.

• Retirement Plan Assets – gifts of registered retirement savings plans can be made to the Fund.

• Charitable Remainder Trusts – gifts of charitable remainder trusts provide flexibility when planning your estate.

Visit  to donate or contact Melodie Murray here with any questions. Tax receipts are provided for donations of $25 or more.

About Curl BC
Curl BC is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the development, promotion and organization of curling in British Columbia. Curl BC is also responsible for the championship system that declares provincial representation at National events. In cooperation with its Members, Curl BC provides services to both competitive and recreational curlers, including a variety of adaptive groups.

About the logo

The Curling For Life Endowment Fund logo was created by Christopher Ordog, designer at Christopher Allan Design & Marketing. The logo incorporates the motifs of curling being a sport for life, and the fund being used to support curling in perpetuity. The logo uses Curl BC colours to help closely tie it to the Curl BC brand.



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