Friday, May 30, 2014

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Hot Spots

Chilliwack RCMP single out two areas of high crime activity

Released by Cst Tracy Wolbeck Chilliwack RCMP UFVRD


he most recent COMPSTAT report reveals that thefts from vehicles is once again surfacing as a problem in the Chilliwack area. The two hot spots that were identified saw recent property crime activity, namely, thefts from vehicles.


“We really want people to be aware that these crimes are largely crimes of opportunity,” said Cst. Tracy Wolbeck.  “If people are vigilant and don’t leave valuables visible in their vehicle, we have eliminated the opportunity for would-be thieves.”  The Chilliwack RCMP bike unit, General Duty members , and auxiliary constables have increased their patrols in these areas but the prevention of these crimes lies with the public as well as the police.


Prevention tips

• Ensure there are NO valuables left visible in your vehicle

• Do not leave loose change in your vehicle console

• An alarm system is an effective deterrent

• Double check that all the doors are locked before leaving your vehicle



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