Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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Mill Street Officially Open

Core slowly becoming apple of the City's eye

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Chilliwack City coun. Sue Atrill gets ready to snip the ribbon to reopen Mill Street on Saturday. She is flanked by coun. Jason Lum. Below, coun. Stewart McLean holds an iPad the city gave away in a draw.


any in the community of Chilliwack feel that downtown core has been ignored and allowed to deteriorate for the last two decades. There is a certain amount of truth to that. At one point, four out of five corners at the city's iconic intersection sat empty.


Objectives laid out in the Official Community Plan are slowly coming to fruition as planners tear into the downtown core one block at a time.


After an extensive makeover, Mill Street reopened last Saturday with a ribbon cutting ceremony.


The street has always been open to two-way traffic, but after the refit, traffic was reduced to one way only. Drivers will now have  to enter off of Wellington Ave.


The re-design boasts wider sidewalks that planners say will be able to accommodate outdoor tables. Some trees were also added.


After the ribbon-cutting, the crowd moved over to the new Five Corners niche park where another dedication by City dignitaries was made.


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