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Practicing What They Preach

Chilliwack doctors take lead promoting healthy lifestyles

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Ken Becotte, Exec. Dir. Chilliwack Division of Family Practitioners, briefs participants about Walk With Your Doc at Townsend Park.


f you walk 10,000 steps a day you're active. But if you walk only 5000 steps, then you're classified as sedentary.

In order to get people living more active and healthy lifestyles, the BC Medical Association (BCMA) created the Walk With Your Doc campaign.

On May 9th, physicians had a chance to practice the healthy lifestyles that they champion and join the Chilliwack Division of Family Practitioners (CDFP) for two local walks; at Townsend Park and Watson Glen Park in Sardis.


At Townsend Park, CDFP Executive Director Ken Becotte and Chilliwack physician Dr. Scott Markley joined about 75-80 residents who were each given a free pedometer before embarking on the planned walking loop.


"It's a chance for doctors to connect with residents," Becotte told the Voice.


All toll, they gave out around 78 pedometers.

Laurie Bonnefoy from the Stolo Dental Clinic heard about the walk via email.

"Stolo Health Services was asked it they wanted to put a team in, so we said that we'd participate and walk the loop," she said.

Chilliwack has one of the better doctor-to-patient ratios and is second in the Fraser Valley region with somewhere around 150 physicians.

According to Becotte, most BC communities could use more doctors and the CDFP looks at ways to find and retain them.

"We've got a good program going right now," said Becotte. "Even today I see that there are appointments being scheduled for two physicians that are coming to look at the community to see what we have, so we'll be touring them around and showing them the different opportunities that are here," said Becotte.

About the Chilliwack Division of Family Practitioners
The Division provides family physicians with an opportunity to work collaboratively with the Fraser Health Authority, the GPSC, Doctors of BC, and the Ministry of Health to develop, fund, and administer community-specific programs that enhance patient care and improve professional satisfaction.

Currently, more than 90 per cent of eligible family physicians in the community have joined the Chilliwack Division.

For more information, visit the BC Medical Association at www.doctorsofbc.ca


Catering food snacks was provided by The Local Harvest Market on Lickman Rd



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