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Canadian Courage Carved in Stone

Afghanistan soldiers to be recognized with memorial

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Bombardier Dan Scott is airlifted out after suffering serious injuries in Afghanistan. Michael Yon photo. Below, Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz receives an Afghanistan camp flag from Major Grant Atchison in October last year.


n the eve of the National Day of Honour, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino today announced that a permanent national memorial to Canada's mission in Afghanistan will be constructed in the nation's capital.


The memorial, to be unveiled in 2017, will specifically recognize and honour the hard work, courage and personal sacrifices made by Canadians while in service to their country during the Afghanistan conflict between 2001 and 2014.


"Canada's mission in Afghanistan has ended, but Canada's duty to remember and honour those who served has only just begun. Through these commemorations, Canadians will have an ongoing opportunity to reflect with pride and compassion on the efforts and sacrifices that were made by so many," said Fantino in a release on Thursday.


He also announced that the National War Memorial, which is the central place of remembrance for those who have served, will be inscribed with the dates of Canada's mission in Afghanistan (2001-2014) and that a ceremony to unveil the inscription will be held later in 2014.


In addition, Minister Fantino announced that La Promenade Building, on Sparks Street in Ottawa, will be renamed The Valour Building in honour of the bravery displayed by Canada's best in Afghanistan.


Quick Facts

  More than 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members served in the Afghanistan theatre of operations, which was our country's largest military deployment since the Second World War.


  Altogether, 158 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, a Canadian diplomat, a DND contractor, a Canadian journalist who was embedded with the CAF and more than 40 United States Armed Forces members who were under Canadian command during operations lost their lives in Afghanistan.


More than 2,000 Canadian military personnel were injured in Afghanistan.


Cenotaphs/Monuments are places of remembrance, reflection, and honour for those who have #Served Canada. #ShowYouRemember

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