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Stand-up comedy at the Coast Hotel in Chilliwack featured a trio of loveable, laughable comics

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Erica Sigurdson had the audience in stitches during her routine last Saturday at the Coast Hotel. Below, popular Sunee Dhawali was also on the bill.


n expectant audience at the Coast Hotel last Saturday for An Evening of Comedy got what they came for—a trio of top-notch, well seasoned comics; Sunee Dhaliwal, Ryan Patterson and Erica Sigurdson.


When Dhaliwal, who’s been on the circuit for years, led off the show, it seemed he was emcee and going to introduce the first act—himself. But he very sublimely broke into a hilarious routine that had the crowd roaring.


Ryan Patterson, who moonlights as a TV fight choreographer, proved to be equally adroit as Dhaliwal, with his high energy act and risible antics such as when he described birds that hang out in MacDonalds restaurant parking lots and hobbled across the stage, doubled over and wheezing.


“What I hate are those freakishly overweight seagulls,” he quipped. “I’m in my car the other day and I can’t even move forward because there’s this 400 pound seagull and it has asthma and its wearing sweatpants, and it doesn’t make a bird noise anymore. It just looks at me and goes <burp>.”


Ryan Patterson, works as a fight choreographer in local productions and is a regular on TV shows.


CBC Debaters regular, Erica Sigurdson, skillfully explored the lighter side of what it’s like being female. For instance, putting on full-length “spanks” she said is like donning underwear made of bungee cord rubber up to your armpits.


“After a few hours in spanks, there comes a time when it just can’t keep it all in any longer,” she deftly quipped. “And you’ve got to admit, you’ve just let stuff go.”


An Evening of Comedy was the second such show at the Coast Hotel hosted by Urban X Events.



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