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Veterans still see it as a clawback



Open letter to Mr. Vandal, MP






t is regrettable that as an elected Liberal Member of Parliament you choose not to support Military/RCMP Veterans of your constituency with regards to their CPP Pension claw back.

Bridge Benefit-Canadian Armed Forces Pensions that was modified on 21 Nov 2017 with out a debate or vote in the House of Commons is disgusting.

Many questions on the document are not answered, misleading or false.

What happens to the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act pension when the annuitant turns 65?

No answer provided. At age 60-65 Forces personnel can apply for the CPP benefits at a cost of 36% and the penalty continues for life. Where is the bridge benefit? The Forces pensions and the CPP both enjoy over contributions creating Billion of Dollars surplus.

What does the integration of contributions under the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act and Canada Pension Plan mean as far as contributions to be paid by the member?

No answer provided.

Can I choose not to pay for the bridge benefit?

No answer provided.

More questions are listed and no answers are provided.

To identify that Veterans are receiving a great pension at an early age is a misrepresentation of facts. Forces Personnel are prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for the security of Canada. The wear and tear of their bodies and the extra sacrifice their Families freely gave, the over contributions to their Annuity and CPP pension should be more than sufficient reason for them to retire a little sooner and enjoy the Family life they have missed.

Until the Prime Minister of Canada and Liberal MP’s support our Veterans CPP Pension concerns, they should not expect Veterans and their Families vote in the next Federal Election campaign.

Your personal reply, to be distributed to our Veterans, would be appreciated.


For questions about Bridge Benefits or Super Annuity contact John via e-mail here.


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