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Huge cast set for five-time Tony Award winner 'Titanic the Musical' April 12-14


Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts advanced music theatre students run through scenes for their upcoming production of Titanic the Musical running April 12 – 14 2019 at the James Cowan Theatre in Shadbolt Centre.






ention the name Titanic and most everyone listening could easily recite the legendary shipwreck story and the historic impression it left behind.


Far fewer could likely sing any of the songs from Titanic the Musical – much less envision how a ship could be made to appear as if sinking on stage.


For the first time since a crew from Theatre Under the Stars enacted the two-and-a-half hour production several years ago, five-time Tony award winner Titanic the Musical is coming to Metro Vancouver. This time the docudrama, put to music, will be at Burnaby’s Shadbolt Centre for the Arts from April 12 – 14. A 27-member student cast from Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts is performing the production under the direction of Lindbjerg’s music theatre instructor Mark Turpin.


To buy tickets for the performances, visit: Titanic the Musical Tickets.


True to the screenplay, the Lindbjerg production will be as authentic as the original Broadway production that got overshadowed by James Cameron’s silver screen blockbuster and its central love story portrayed by fictitious characters Jack Dawson (Leonardo di Caprio) and Rose DeWitt (Kate Winslet).


Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts music theatre director Mark Turpin conducting a rehearsal for his group’s production of Titanic the Musical running April 12 – 14 2019 at the James Cowan Theatre in Shadbolt Centre.


“This group, albeit much younger than the historic characters they are depicting, has done a fantastic job of bringing this story to life. They have found a way to relate to what the passengers and crew had to be thinking about and feeling when they were aboard the ship.”


Turpin explains his Titanic cast, over a period of seven months, has worked hard to produce a show that captures the real chronicles of the passengers and crew. In addition to studying the music and lines, blocking the ship scenes and mapping out the choreography, the crew studied the characters in-depth and even went to the Titanic exhibit that was on display in Metro Vancouver for several months last year.


“That experience of going to the exhibit really inspired them all – evident in their portrayals I have seen in rehearsal,” says Turpin. “Audiences will not be disappointed.”


Lindbjerg Academy advanced music theatre student performers Avery Johnson (left) and Bailey Schmidt  prepare for one of the final scenes of their production of Titanic the Musical running April 12 – 14 2019 at the James Cowan Theatre in Shadbolt Centre.


As for the musical score, Lindbjerg’s production promises all of what makes it, as described by many theatre critics, so haunting and uplifting.


“Our students put such passion into what they do, they are able to conquer the challenging harmonies and solos featured throughout. This will most definitely be a show to remember.”


To buy tickets for the performances, visit: Titanic the Musical Tickets.


• RMS Titanic took three years to build. When it left port on April 10 1912, there were 2,200 passengers aboard the ship.
• On April 14 1912, shortly before midnight, the luxury liner hit an iceberg. Less than three hours later, it had sunk.
• At the time it was built, the RMS Titanic was considered the largest passenger ship afloat.
• September 1, 1985 was the date the wreckage was discovered.
• Titanic the Musical opened on Broadway on April 23 1997. Its first Canadian showing was in February 2006 in Toronto.


About Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts

Lindbjerg Academy is a performing arts centre dedicated to teaching the art of musical theatre, dance, singing and acting. Classes are open to all different levels of ability and children between the ages of three to 18. For more than 20 years, Lindbjerg Academy has taken pride in the fact it is not only a centre where children learn the skills to perform, but also a place where those skills are applied and enjoyed. The school is parent-participation focused and offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year to ensure parents can share their talents and feel engaged with every show the school delivers.


For more information about Lindbjerg Performing Arts Academy and the classes it offers, visit: lindbjergacademy.com.




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