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KPU President Alan Davis pictured in front of the Surrey Campus Main building.







y name is Victoria Parker-Poitras and I am a third-year music major at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I am contacting you because I would like to inform you of the unjust cuts being made to not only to the music program but to other program at KPU as well.

In fall 2018, the faculty of KPU was informed that the school was in a small deficit but not to worry because it was being taken care of. Over the course of the semester that small deficit grew into a large deficit. Because of bad financial decision-making, the Faculty of Arts was told they have to cut 25 sections/courses from the upcoming Fall 2019 year.


It quickly became apparent that of the 21 programs in the Faculty of Arts, the Music Program would be taking 100% of that cut and intake of first-year students would be suspended.


After negotiations, the Vice President and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts denied any counter request made by the music faculty to accept applications to core first-year courses and let it stand that 25 sections would be cut from the music program and intake would be suspended.


Earlier this week all potential students who had applied to KPU Music received an email informing them that due to unforeseen circumstances, intake was suspended, and they would not be getting an audition. This happened without the knowledge of the music faculty, who were almost as surprised as we were at the news. 


KPU has not only made cuts from the music program but they have also made cuts to the Farrier program, the Health program, the Design program and the Academic and Career Advancement program. If you wish to learn more about the cuts made at KPU please refer to this article at The Runner here


This is an important issue because future students have been suddenly denied application to the only institution they applied to, and current students fear their quality of education is at risk. 

The issues run deep in this institution and an arts program that was otherwise thriving (had applications not been suspended we would have had a full first year class in Fall 2019) is now facing total turmoil and its success is being threatened by poor leadership.



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