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Should Mercy for Animals whistleblower face charges too?

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A cell phone image of the militant vegan group Mercy for Animals plant eating fast food chicken at Chilliwack Cattle Company.


fter an extensive interview at the Chilliwack Cattle Company farm when allegations arose, I have major doubts if Jeff Kooyman had anything to do directly with the alleged abuse. Did charges against Kooyman arise from allegations that he knew about employees abusing the cows and did nothing, such as fire them?

Chilliwack Cattle Co. was part of an elaborate setup. The Mercy for Animals (MFA) whistleblower could have orchestrated, coaxed and yukked it up with other employees for the four weeks he was there for, urging and prompting them into abusing the animals repeatedly in order to get the best shots on his "hidden cam".

If that's the case, then shouldn't the MFA whistleblower be charged with complicity and being an accessory? Two sides of the same coin? Where exactly is the line drawn?

The MFA plant could have held on to the video for quite some time, until it was convenient for the group's huge PR machine to order the release of barn footage to authorities, therefore reaping the most bang for their publicity buck, as opposed to releasing the video immediately after it was taken for the animal's sake.

Have you ever worked on a factory farm? You see all kinds of things. For example, in the poultry industry, there are lots of transient, short-term crews, some of whom are immature idiots that think it's fun to do things like slam birds together.

When abuse is everywhere, why did MFA, who are based in Los Angeles, come all the way to Canada and declare dairy war? There's lots of other dairies between Chilliwack and LA. Why not go after US farms? It's not like abuse is exclusive to Canada.

It's called war. What else would you call it when an American outfit, who could be funded by Washington farmers, goes after Canada's biggest dairy farm and could effectively shut down a business worth millions for the sake of a few idiots?

With all the panhandling buttons on MFA's website, it's unclear if they do what they do just out of the goodness of their hearts. Next time, they could come here and focus on chicken and turkey barns.

Court trials aren't decided totally on video. There has to be testimony. It's not known when the abuse and cruelty trial is set to begin.

MFA has not yet responded to questions. Stay tuned.



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