Sunday, March 27, 2016 


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Young Rd MVA

Two injured in spectacular crash

Staff/Voice photos


Cyclists got off their bicycle to pick their way through the shattered glass.


he car was flying north down Young Rd. just before noon on March 13, when it drifted off the road, and in an instant, sheered off a lamp standard, then bounced into the meridian, coming to rest just short of the rail crossing.


Reports at the time said one was person was ejected, while another remained trapped.

Firefighters dropped cones and de-energized the car after making sure there were no live wires. Passersby stood watching as paramedics attended to the crash victims.

A CP train inched by a few minutes later.

Pieces of the car were strewn across the lanes, the area showered in glass. Luckily, the pole fell as it did and no one else was injured.

Street light poles are designed to break off at their base to avoid as much damage to vehicles and injuries to people as possible.

BCAS paramedics take a victim to the ambulance and then to Chilliwack General Hospital.

There is no word on the condition of people inside the vehicle, or what exactly happened in this crash or if alcohol was a factor. See more photos below.



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