Monday, March 28, 2016 


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Pipe Up Petition Hopes to Plug Pipeline

West says 400 more oil tankers yearly expected with pipeline

Ben West, Tanker-Free BC/Voice file photo


Rex Weyler (left), Ben West with friend.


ur friends at the PIPE UP Network have an E Petition on the House of Commons web site which the Trudeau government must respond to. They are hoping to get 1,000s more signatures before the May 26, 2016 deadline. This is for those who reside in Canada only. Please sign widely with your contacts. Here is the wording:


It would put at risk lands, surface waters and aquifers along the route and result in more than 400 oil tankers on the southern BC coast per year;
It is not a case of whether an oil spill would occur, but when;
Clean-up technologies are ineffective with bitumen and the financial risk to taxpayers from the costs of spills is real;
The threat is not only to our ecosystems and communities, but also to industries such as agriculture, fisheries and tourism; and
The export of diluted bitumen, whether by Kinder Morgan or Enbridge to the north, threatens the future of the planet through climate change.

We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to reject the Trans Mountain Expansion Project proposal.

You can sign petition here.

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