Monday, March 14, 2016 


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Opiate Overdoses Mount

Fentanyl taking a heavy toll on the community

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Chilliwack firefighters assist paramedics with the heavy lifting after a apparent fentanyl overdose victim was revived after he had stopped breathing.


CAS paramedics were called to a house at Victoria Ave. and Fletcher St. last Tuesday after reports that a man had overdosed and stopped breathing.


The man was resuscitated, loaded onto a gurney then taken to CGH for further treatment.


His condition is not known, but he is lucky because there is just a hair's breadth between life and death when it comes to fentanyl the street drug of choice in Chilliwack.


The BC government announced last week it is providing $270,000 to allow a 40-bed temporary shelter in Maple Ridge to remain open until the end of June 2016.


If each of those guys had their own $600/mo. apt., that would come out to under $7,000. Other than creating jobs for voters, and paying wages for people to babysit non-existent homeless guys, where is the $263,000 going?



This looks like another sham using imaginary hordes of homeless to generate funds for friends.


Just like Mayor Sharon Gaetz is doing with $720,000 of your taxpayer dollars. Go find a homeless person. If you do, 110 per cent certain they like it the way it is and don't want an apartment and couldn't look after themselves in one anyhow.


But, it's easy to find you an overdose victim without any problem. There was one Sunday south side.


The misappropriated funds are going to well-paid babysitting jobs instead of toward the huge opiate addiction crisis in Chilliwack.





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