Wednesday, March 2, 2016 



Living in the System

Footprint Press features writers with their boots on the ground  

Ellen Sereda, Mission/Cover photo Bruce Klassen, Silverdale


he only reality is the physical world. Natural elements - air, earth, water and fire support the living systems of which we are a part, and which sustain us. All else, including our political and economic systems, are merely constructions of our minds - something human beings made up. There is no denying this.


Yet we do just that, deny reality, when we turn a blind eye to destruction of rivers, farmland, and the natural world which we depend upon for our existence. Awe of nature twisted into fear, fuels violent, futile attempts to force nature and her creatures to submit to our whims.

The mysterious Sasquatch is an ancient reminder that we must always respect the land. It is time to confront the dissonance between what we know and what we do. The meaning of all life, from a tiny snail, to a giant cottonwood tree is woven into life’s rich tapestry. Let us remember the meaning of our lives within the living system, giving back what we have taken, to ensure the health of the whole.






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