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Pink Stiletto Network meeting March 31

Kim Mallory, Chilliwack


t's been eons since I last sent out a newsletter!! So much has changed!! I've had the opportunity to really spread my wings and I wanted to update you.


My kids are grown up!! The last one is moving out in the fall so it's strange. I have lots of time on my hands to create and expand on the ideas that have always been swirling around in my head!


Here are the three girls now 28, 20 and 18.


In raising 3 girls and working with mostly women; the last 7 years it has given me some pretty incredible insight and I love to share that insight with teens and women through speaking both online and in person about Confidence & Spirit Building. This is an example of one of the online summits I speak for: Destined for Success. I was invited as an "expert" to contribute to this life-changing program. Itís an enlightening video-summit that will set you up to succeed in every aspect of your life so I urge you to check it out!!

I've also started The Pink Stiletto Women's Network! It's an international network of heart centered women that support each other in business, art and life and we are so excited to share our knowledge & support each other in all areas of life. Tickets are available here to our next event on March 31st in Abbotsford!

And YES! I'm still doing Photography on a part time basis, teaching classes and mentoring future photographers!! I'll be doing one Beautiful Woman Session a month and headshots as needed! AND we are doing in studio eco makeovers. I'm still located in Chilliwack and working out of a gorgeous home studio!!

Much love to you all!! I hope we can connect soon in some way! Send me an email or friend me on Facebook and let me now what's new in your world!!






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