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FV atheists & skeptics group go live on CIVL Radio

Kevin Francis, Left from the Valley/Website photos


ocal group, Fraser Valley Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists known for putting on some great lectures a the University of the Fraser Valley, building homeless shelters and even adopting a local park have decided to bring their message of secularism, humanism and how you can be good without God to the local university radio station CIVL 101.7 FM.


For the past couple of years, the "Left at the Valley" radio podcast has been airing an episode bi-weekly on the Internet.

The magazine style radio podcast aimed to bring stories, opinion and a hint of humour about secular issues not usually heard on mainstream media. They have featured interviews from intellectuals like Dr Darrel Ray, hip hop artist Baba Brinkman and world renowned theoretical physicist Prof Lawrence Krauss.

Their first episode will air March 6th in the 1-2 o'clock slot on CIVL 101.7 FM with an episode called The Science of Magic with a guest magician, and then again on every Sunday.


Be sure to catch them!





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