Wednesday, March 9, 2016 


Ryder Lake Rub

Getting Ready to Ramble  

Spring planting and hall sale 

Pete Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


his year's ramble is coming up fast - just 3 months away, June 11-12. I was out today visiting venue sites both previous and new, working on putting the brochure together with a deadline of April 1st.


If you think you might like to be venue for this year, please contact me and I will meet with you and review the process with you.


Keep in mind the huge plant sale we have each year. If you are making changes in your garden or thinning out some of the over achievers keep us in mind. Those free range guys who popped up in the pathways would look great in a pot.


If you are short of pots or potting soil let me know we have a great supply and plants can be dropped of at 47644 Forester Road in plastic bags and we will pot them up for the plant sale.

Everywhere I went today people were outside and working on their gardens. Feels like June already.



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