Feature Story                                                 Wednesday March 30, 2016


Crime and Her Punishment

Another Wellington Ave store owner fed up with downtown Chilliwack 

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Owner Anne Taylor is glad to be shuttering her store on a 'bad street'. Below, she points to a photo on her phone of damage from the last break-in.


he's had it with Wellington Ave. Anne Taylor, owner of Silk & White Satin, is mad and she's not going to take it anymore. She's done like dinner. So, after 5 years of getting her store windows bashed in, the door locks drilled out and losing thousands in merchandise, she's out and is glad to be going.


Taylor can't remember how many times the windows have been smashed and items taken. Each time it happens, she loses hundreds of dollars in merch. She even has bars on the windows, but the miscreants fish around for anything they can drag out through the hole. To say she's exasperated is an understatement.


"Look at this," she says pointing to her phone. "That necklace was worth $300. They smashed the glass and couldn't get the gown off the manikin, but took the necklace."


The beautiful street with its aromatic magnolias actually has a dark underbelly.


Taylor's tired of the crime and ne'er do-wells hanging around the front of her store waiting to get into Chilliwack Community Services. Ditto for released convicts with the parole offices there on the corner.


Shoppers take advantage of the 70% off sale Tuesday.


"It's busy today because I'm giving the dresses and gowns away at 70 per cent off," explains Taylor. "One person came in and bought a rack of wedding gowns."


The store will remain open for the next couple of weeks, or as long as merchandise lasts. There are still lots of grad, bridal gowns plus the accessories.


The store is located at 45945 Wellington Ave.


For more information, visit www.silkandwhitesatin.com 



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