Feature Story                                                           Sunday March 6, 2016


Squat Burns

A wicked house's last gasps

Staff/Voice photos


Flames leap out at a firefighter from the garage of a derelict home on Margaret Ave. last Sunday. Below, smoke envelops a firefighter.


eighbours of a house in the 46000-block of Margaret Ave. cheered and clapped as the derelict home with a nasty history went up in flames just after 6 P.M. Sunday.

"Let it burn," a woman called out at a firefighter toting a hose around back of the garage. "I hate that place."

It was an evil house in a tough part of town. The scene of many police raids and takedowns over the years. The kind of house you don't want in your city let alone on your block.
 Chilliwack's "Ground Zero", an area well-known for its nefarious underpinnings, is just around the corner.

The Margaret Ave home's final tenants were the infamous Herrling brothers. Everyone in the hood knows of them and their tragic tale of  jail and death.


Firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze, and out of an abundance of caution for public safety, ensured that the building was boarded up before leaving it. There were no injuries and it's not known what the cause of the blaze was.

Reports are, it was being used as a squat. In that case, the boards covering the doors and windows of the house and garage are of little use.

According to one neighbour, there were "hoodies" going in and out of the garage in the early morning hours. Squats are prone to burning because people tend improvise lights and heat.

In most cases, the City orders derelict houses to be torn down after being partially burned. So it's expected that soon, residents in the area will have seen the last of the devilish dwelling.


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