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Love of the Lawn

Venerable old club throwing open its doors since 1923 will again on April 30 

Merlin Bunt, Secretary Treasurer, Chilliwack lawn Bowling Club


Mayor T.T. McCammon throws out the first ball in April 1923.


n years past, going back to the Chilliwack Lawn Bowling Club's (CLBC) first Opening Day in 1923, the media (primarily the Chilliwack Progress) regularly attended this event, and reported on it in its subsequent edition, often with photographs.


Mayor T.T. McCammon is pictured as he is about to roll the first bowl of the season at Opening Day April 23, 1958.  To the Mayorís right is Harry Barber, the citizen whose passion and drive brought the sport of lawn bowling to Chilliwack. This would be Barberís final Opening Day at the Chilliwack Lawn Bowling Club, as he would pass away the following year.


On Saturday morning at 10, April 30, 2016, the CLBC will be having its annual Opening Day. Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz will be rolling the ceremonial first bowl.


We would like to revive this tradition of the media reporting on the Club's Opening Day, and the attending dignitaries, etc., as we believe the sport of lawn bowling, along with the CLBC, has a lot to offer the community of Chilliwack, and its citizens, both young and otherwise.


Thus, on behalf of the Directors of the CLBC, I am cordially inviting The Valley Voice to attend the Club's Opening Day, on Saturday, April 30, 2016, at 10:00 a.m.


Read more about the Club here.



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