Tuesday, March 15, 2016 

City Hall

Will  it Go 'Round in Circles?

Lickman Road roundabout/interchange, community flagpole among topics up for discussion

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ne of the things tabled at the Tuesday afternoon session, was an item from Coun. Waddington regarding the addition of a community flagpole in a prominent location, such as at City Hall, so that local groups, and agencies like the "Epilepsy Foundation" or the "Alzheimer's Association" can display their colours.


It's good to see Councillors Lum, Popove and Waddington getting a little better at what they're doing. They are asking more questions. Perhaps this is because they're rookies and it may change over the next three years. That remains to be seen.


They are chipping away at the ALR with applications going out to the ALC to rezone farmland, albeit this time, one app is for expansion of John Calvin School so they can expand the structure with a 2-storey addition and another app is to remove some AG lowland out of the ALR to add a poultry barn off Lickman Rd.


Mayor Sharon Gaetz used the term "another kick at the cat" twice. However, most people prefer to kick at the can and not cats.


But by far, the biggest joke, is this planned $6.5 million Lickman Interchange "improvement" project which is centred around a roundabout at Lickman/Industrial/Yale.


It's amazing that council backs this plan. We'll see how they negotiate a roundabout with the hundreds of semi trucks that pass through that spot monthly. With the addition of a farmer's style market next to the hotel, there will be plenty more traffic thrown in to that three-ring circus. It spells disaster and The Voice is of the opinion that someone is going to get killed there directly due to the planned roundabout.


We're already getting negative feedback and what appears to be very little support from the trucking community for a roundabout. One semi driver told The Voice that he dislikes roundabouts and considers them unsafe to the point where he said he would do what he could to avoid the area.


Councillor Sue Attrill is back safe and sound from her holidays. She commented that the Old Age Pensioner Organization #173 is a great use for the building and they have been super tenants now for years.


Councillors Kloot and Stam were not present.






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