Sunday, March 27, 2016 



Meeting of the Healthy Minds

Moving forward to better health care in Chilliwack

Sabine Mendez, Coordinator
Chilliwack Healthier Community


wanted to thank all of you who came to our Tuesday morning information and networking event. It was an outstanding success - you would never have know that it was Spring Break! Most seats were full and our speakers were terrific.

Katrina Bepple from Chilliwack Division of Family Practice gave us an overview of all the programs that doctors and nurses are delivering in our community to improve primary health care, one of which is the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre. The video (created entirely by youth) she showed moved all of us, and I encourage you to have a look at it if you have a moment.

John Jansen enlightened us with the details of the Chilliwack Hospital and Health Care Foundation's efforts to improve our hospital with much needed equipment. His passion and dedication to this project reminds us that the community of Chilliwack is a place where people work together to take make things happen.

And finally, we had a fascinating presentation from Sidney Harper of the Baby Friendly Initiative.

I heard a lot of discussion during the networking portion of our event about the dire need to change the perspectives of our culture with respect to supporting/accepting women breastfeeding their babies. The list of benefits of breastfeeding for a long period, or even just the first few months to babies, mothers and society in general, is astounding.

In the coming months we at CHC will be creating a few pages on our website that capture all the information that our speakers have provided us over the years. Stay tuned!

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