Sunday, March 29, 2015

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With a Little Help From My Friends

Women mentors increase sales with program

By Aisha Tejani/Small Business BC


omen's Enterprise Centre (WEC), a leading business resource for women starting, purchasing or growing a small business in British Columbia, announced the results of a recent survey on the effect of mentorship on women-owned businesses.


WEC collected responses from over 100 business owners across the province, representing a wide cross-section of industries and sectors.

Key findings of the WEC Mentor Program Survey included:

52% of mentees believe that a mentor has helped them grow their business
23% of mentees reported that they have hired new staff since working with a mentor
93% of mentors find mentoring has helped their business by: increasing their knowledge of current marketing trends, improving self-reflection of their business practices, and increasing confidence in their abilities 

"This survey is an excellent example of why mentorship is so effective," says Aisha Tejani, Project Coordinator of MentorshipBC. "Most assume that mentorship only helps the mentees, but it is tremendously beneficial for both parties involved. Mentees help their mentors by introducing them to business contacts, teaching them new skills and increasing their self-confidence. It's a win-win solution to overcoming barriers to success for both mentors and mentees."

The WEC Mentor Program Survey was conducted to measure the effectiveness of their mentoring program - a province-wide initiative supported by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.

"This survey was a part of our continuing efforts to monitor quality, gain feedback from both our mentees and mentors, and get a better understanding of the impact that mentoring has on small businesses," says Dawn McCooey, Skills Development Manager at WEC. "We can see from the survey that mentoring supports women business owners and encourages growth in small businesses." 

For more information about the WEC Mentor Program e-mail Aisha Tejani here.



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