Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crime News

Wrapped & Roped

Woman flees from police in stolen vehicle, arrested on foot later 

Staff/Voice photos


A police dog searches the area around where a stolen Jeep Patriot was found early Sunday.


hen police ran the plate on a Jeep Patriot about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, it came back stolen. The Mountie tried to pull the vehicle over but it sped away down Yale Rd. then north on Hodgins Ave. toward the hospital.


The Mountie saw he was being challenged to a chase and backed off, attempting to follow from a distance, but eventually lost track of the vehicle.


Luckily, he had caught a quick glimpse of the driver and saw that it was a woman behind the wheel.


The officer quickly spotted the vehicle ditched in the Eye Doctors parking lot on Mary St., however the driver had already fled on foot. She was subsequently located a block over at Ontario Ave. and Yale and arrested.


A Police Dog Services K9 unit was brought in from Mission to search the area for a second possible suspect or weapon, however nothing was found.





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