Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Series inspires community starting March 28

By Francine Douglas, Stó:lō Nation



tó:lōTourism is excited to announce the 2015 dates for the Cultural Experience Series. The purpose of the Cultural Experience Series is to welcome the public to experience the unique and rare Stó:lō art forms and to learn about Stó:lō culture and history.


These events are once a month on Saturdays from 11am to 3pm at the Stó:lō Resource Centre (SRC) – a cultural arts building located on the Coqualeetza Grounds at Stó:lō Nation at 10-7201 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC. Salmon, bannock, traditional Stó:lō Tea and Spirit Bear coffee will be available by donation.


The Cultural Experience Series aims to build meaningful cross-cultural relationships by inviting the public to learn, celebrate and be a part of Stó:lō art and culture. Stó:lō Elders, artists, and leaders are invited to share Sxwoxwiyám and Sqwelqwels – the stories from long ago and today, and to share the traditional teachings that surround their unique and rare art forms. 


Visitors will be able to participate in a community art project, take home a treasured piece of history or keep a Stó:lō craft. Topics this year include Stó:lō Art and Design, Traditional Foods, Traditional medicine, Cedar Weaving, Stó:lō drumming, Salmon, Slahal – a traditional guessing game, storytelling and recognizing Stó:lō Veterans. Please find our calendar online at



The Stó:lō Resource Centre

The SRC was built in the heart of S'ólhTéméxw ('Our World; Our Land'), on the Coqualeetza Grounds in Chilliwack, B.C.  The SRC is a technologically advanced, energy efficient and environmentally friendly building. Its construction mimics the traditional life of the Stó:lō people, including its construction similar to a traditional Stó:lō longhouse and the surrounding natural landscape of a Stó:lō village. Our hope is to build a sense of community amongst Stó:lō people and our non Stó:lō neighbors within the Stó:lō Resource Center.


About Stó:lō Tourism
Stó:lō Tourism offers weekly cultural tours at Stó:lō Nation and operates a gift shop that features local, authentic and hand-crafted Stó:lō and Aboriginal arts and crafts. Stó:lō Tourism aims to support the continuation of the rare and unique art forms by sparking the interest of future and emerging artists, and to create a space for a diverse and sustainable sense of community and belonging.



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