Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryder Lake News

Hall Happenings

Residents to honour Fire Hall 5 with pot luck dinner April 25

By Peter Whitlocok, RLFI


he Hall Committee met last Friday and several items were discussed that will likely be of interest to most Ryder Lake Residents.


Hall Caretakers: Currently the hall caretaker is Patrick Lynch with Dorothy Bendsen as a back-up. As many of you are aware Patrick is waiting for a hip operation and is not in any condition to be washing floors or scrubbing toilets. It was therefore agreed we recommend to our respective organizations that we look for two or three persons to take on this job. Renters are required to return the Hall cleaned but we do not expect them to clean the bathrooms. From time to time the hall needs cleaning and dusting and before each rental we need to double check everything is presentable and all janitorial supplies are in place. If you and one or two friends would consider taking this on for awhile, please contact me.


Fireman's Pot Luck Dinner: On April 25 we are jointly hosting a Pot Luck dinner to honor the fireman of Hall #5.  An invitation will be posted in the Fire Hall and we hope the firemen and their spouses will attend and bring a dish. Pot Luck dinners at the Hall are always well attended and we hope the community will turn out to help honor our firemen. We appreciate what ever you are able to bring and suggest dishes be at least enough for 1 1/2 times the size of your party. Dorothy Bendsen will be managing the kitchen and will appreciate some volunteers to help things go smoothly. Dinner will be at 6pm.


Hall Clean-up. Each year we do a clean-up around the Hall. This year will it be May 26 at 10am. If get enough volunteers we will do a major clean-up inside the Hall as well as outside in the gardens.


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