Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Troubled Trio

Griffon Security assists with Salish Park arrests

Staff/Voice photos


A Chilliwack Mountie arrests a man at Salish Park on Friday. Below, paramedics whisk an injured man away to Chilliwack General Hospital.


wo inebriated Native men were arrested at Salish Park on Friday and a third man was taken to Chilliwack General Hospital with unknown injuries. Reports were that they were brawling.


RCMP arrived on the scene shortly after the altercation began and arrested one man who was put in handcuffs, then placed into the back of a cruiser.


Once in the vehicle, he began repeatedly shouting "put the gun to my head" and tried to force his way out. At which point, the Mountie managed to push him back inside and get the door shut.


Nearby, a parent and his young daughter who were watching the ducks, left when things began heating up.


The other man, shouted incoherently and was placed under arrest and also put in the back of a police car.


BC Ambulance paramedics showed up to take the injured man to the hospital.


Neither man was injured during the arrests.


Meanwhile, a woman who stood nearby crying, approached the man in the cruiser and spoke to him through the glass. Later said he was 24-years-old.


The Voice managed to help calm her down and feeling better in a few minutes.


During the course of the conversation, the woman, who said she was a chiropractor at one point in her life, but after marital problems, found herself homeless and staying on and off at Ruth and Naomi's shelter.


According to her, the shelter is usually busting at the seams and it's difficult getting a place to sleep for the night.



A sad scene at Salish Park Friday where a woman cries and a young man yells while being arrested.


Griffon Security has their hands full at Salish Park, which has become more popular with homeless people since the area under the Yale Rd. overpass was sealed off.


Brian Goldstone, Griffon Security CEO, told The Voice on Saturday that the company is embarking a homeless assistance project that they will be revealing soon.


Ruth and Naomi's shelter has added some much-needed space and plans to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 1st at 2 p.m.


The shelter is located at 46130 Margaret Ave and can be reached at (604) 795-2322 or online at



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