Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Families Squeezed  

Top earners get the tax breaks say NDP

Released by the BC NDP Caucus/Handout photo


NDP heavyweights Carole James and John Horgan speak with locals, and later reporters, at Decades Coffee Club on Wednesday.


ew Democrat leader John Horgan and finance spokesperson Carole James were in Chilliwack today asking British Columbians where they most need a break from fees, fares and rate hikes imposed by Christy Clark in her 2015 budget.


"Families are telling us about how they just can’t get ahead. They're working hard but with increases to rates, fees and fares, they are paying more and getting less," said Horgan.

“Hard-working British Columbians deserve better, and it starts with listening to them. That’s what we’re doing in Chilliwack, and in communities around the province.”


Horgan and James met with Chilliwack residents this morning over coffee at Decades Coffee Club to discuss the provincial budget. Parents Mark and Jennie Jackson, who have three pre-school girls, two of them twins, support the campaign.


“Families like ours shouldn’t have to bear the cost of a tax break for the top two per cent,” said Mark Jackson.


“We’re meeting with families in B.C. communities to learn where families need the most help, and where their family budgets are facing the most pressure,” said James. “Families like the Jacksons in Chilliwack are telling us everything costs more, and even with a good paycheque it’s hard to get ahead.”


Horgan and James will continue to travel the province, talking to British Columbians about the financial pressures they face under the Clark government fee hikes.



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