Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The Knife's Edge

Mounties arrest man with pair of knives

Staff/Voice photos


A man reported to be playing with a pair of knives at Edwards St. and Patton Ave. was arrested Tuesday.


olice wasted no time in apprehending a man Tuesday afternoon after he was reportedly throwing knives into the ground on Edwards Street.


An unnamed Voice reader, and former police sergeant in the Netherlands, spotted the man on Princess Ave. and described the scenario in more detail in an e-mail Thursday.


"I called the cops on this man as he was walking past the Princess Armories where Air Cadets were about to begin, and multiple young Air Cadets where being dropped of by their parents (the reason I was there...;-)). At that moment this guy was walking down the
middle of the street on Princess Ave. He was indeed sharpening his knife and not throwing it into the ground, but into trees and power poles, over a distance of more than 20 feet."


Officers were visibly pleased to get the suspect off the street at the time of the arrest.



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