Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Made for Mulcair

NDP supporter pushes local candidate

By Richard Harrington, Chilliwack


couple of months ago,while speaking to a "non-NDP" friend; he expressed the opinion that he was very impressed with Justin Trudeau and he felt that Trudeau would " sweep the country" come October.


Watching a CBC news special this morning, I heard them state that recent polls have shown a "surprising" turn-around in the popularity across the country of Thomas Mulcair.
In BC, in the Prairies (yes, even Alberta), in Ontario and in Quebec, Thomas Mulcair has been chosen as the most popular and capable leader. Only in the Maritimes, has Trudeau been chosen number one, with Mulcair second.

Even in Conservative Alberta, Mulcair came in a strong first over Harper. In vote-rich Ontario and Quebec, Tom also was a strong first. It seems that Tom's powerful opposition to Bill C51 was a telling point for many, many voters.
Yes, I realize that we still have a long way to go before the fall election. I know that many things could still happen.

However, the message to BC New Democrats is that we have a responsibility to ensure that we put together strong local campaigns.

As I've said before, it is sometimes difficult to run strong local campaigns, when the "national trend" is against us.
With the "national trend" in our favour, this should be an extra incentive for us to put together a powerful campaign to elect our highly capable candidate, Seonaigh MacPherson.

Please join me in this effort, until we see Thomas Mulcair as the next Prime Minister of Canada.



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