Sunday, March 15, 2015


'Directly Affected'

Landowner's deepening concern over pipeline

By Lynn Perrin, Pipe Up Network/Submitted photo


first encountered Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain staff in Sept. 2011 when their contractors were cutting trees in the greenspace 100 meters from my home.


I was told they were doing that to create a clear view for their twice weekly helicopter inspection of the pipeline.


This did not bring me much comfort. I then heard about the expansion through reading a letter to Abbotsford City Council in Nov 2011 and grew more concerned. The event that solidified my concern was the Jan 2012 spill at the Sumas Tank Farm.

I went to the meeting that residents who were overcome from the emissions held at Straighton Hall. I and others were frustrated by the refusal by both Kinder Morgan and the NEB to tell folks who had nausea and headaches what was spilled. I called the NEB the next morning and was told that the contents of the product going through the pipeline were "commercial proprietary information" and trumped public health concerns.

Since hearing that, I have spent about 20 hours per week researching all of the aspects of diluted bitumen and how Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain operates. The more I learn, the more concerned I am for my community.

Another concern is the health and safety of my 11-year-old grandson and his peers. He goes to Clayburn Middle School which is near the pipeline. His former elementary and future senior secondary schools are among the 23 schools between Hope and Burnaby that are close to the pipeline as well.

I am deemed to be "Directly Affected" by the NEB and will be writing a Letter of Comment. I am also the lead researcher for PIPE UP Network who is an Intervenor in the NEB hearing.


If you are curious about what PIPE UP Network has submitted it is at this link.


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