Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Police close Luckakuck after strange chemical found

Staff/Voice photos


A fireman pours absorbent onto an unidentified chemical that they dumped onto Luckakuck from a bucket on Sunday.


he Chilliwack Fire Department (CFD) dealt with an unidentified chemical at 2 a.m. last Sunday after RCMP pulled over a car carrying a pair of men.


Inside, Mounties found a bucket of strange chemical with smoke coming out of it.


Reports were that police carried the bucket from the car and fire crews suggested that they put the bucket down and step away from it.


As a result, the RCMP barricaded Luckakuck. When firefighters arrived, they dumped the chemical in the middle of the road and poured absorbent material onto it.


The chemical can be seen smoking as a fireman shoveled the substance into a bucket and carried it away.


The CFD told The Voice Sunday that they would have more information on Monday, but as of yet, have not released anything about this.


It's not clear why the chemical was poured onto the road, but it's assumed that this was one way they dispose of the substances.


More on this later as details emerge.



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