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First Responders help replace Legion barbeque

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Douglas McGillivray manned the new barbeque on Sunday for First Responders Appreciation Day at the downtown Legion. Below, a member serenades a Chilliwack RCMP officer.


ow much can an old barbeque be worth? Apparently, enough that a miscreant broke off two locks on an outside storage compartment at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 4 on Mary St. and took off running down the road with it.


"It was around 11 p.m. back in February," Elaine Dahl, Branch No. 4 president, told The Voice. "We got him on surveillance video."

She figures it was taken just for the metal.

Their barbeque was essential for many of the branch fundraisers over the years.

About a week after the theft, Chilliwack First Responders, noticed a social media post regarding the theft and sprang into action.

"They showed up and took our secretary to Home Depot who also helped out, and got us a new one," she said.


Now they bring the beautiful new barbeque inside at nights.

Branch president welcomes RCMP members last Sunday.

As a show of thanks, the branch held a "First Responders Appreciation Day" last Sunday and cooked up a storm.

Over the years, membership at the branch has been in decline, and it's a struggle to stay afloat. You don't need to be a veteran and new members are welcomed with open arms.

There's live dancing and live entertainment, regular 50-50 raffles and meat draws.

The branch is located at 9350 Mary Street. For more information about local events call: 604 792 2337 or e-mail here. For lounge hours call 604 792 6963.




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