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Battle Royale

Artists face off in timed challenge March 28  

By Zoe Howarth, Moda Events/Submitted photos


The artists area prior to the last competition in January at the Hampton Inn.


rt Battle 245! Our first event of the season was sold-out so get your tickets now and help us to share in the talent and courage of our local artist community on March 28th at the Vineyard Community Centre, 6:30 pm sharp-ish.


The community of Chilliwack really stepped up on January 16th for the first ever Art Battle Chilliwack. The room at the Hampton Inn was packed with attendees, space was tight, and the atmosphere was energetic; Art Battle 208 had begun.


The real value of the event was watching the artists paint from start to finish. Each artist had his or her own unique style in applying acrylics to the canvases. Some splashed paints, while others used broad brush strokes. With only 20 minutes allotted per round, artists had to think quickly and consider their choice of colour and the timing in which acrylics dried.


Counting down the end of a round sounded like a countdown on New Year’s, and the crowd was lively. At the end of the night, there were a total of 16 paintings, ranging from abstract to landscapes to portraits.


What is Art Battle; Art Battle is live competitive painting. The medium is acrylic paint and the tools allowed are brushes, palette knives or any non-mechanical implements. Easels are grouped together in the centre of the room, a stop clock is started, and so begins a frenzy of artists painting, flipping and splattering canvases while the crowd circulates around them.


At the end of each round you vote for your favourite, and the winners go on to compete in the final. (All finished paintings are put up for silent auction.) It’s a highly competitive event that pits artist against artist in 20 minute contests to see who can produce the most desirable work of art. There are typically 3 rounds in total (6 artists in the first two rounds) and the top 2 artists from each round compete in the final, for guts and glory!


Art Battle Canada was founded by two guys from Markham, Ont., Simon Plashkes and Chris Pemberton (who is a painter himself), started the event in 2009 because, says Chris, “we were just really bad at watching TV and wanted to make our own culture.” (Cue putting down the remote.)




This event is for the young and old, artists and non-artists and everyone in between. After all who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? Spending time watching crazy talented people create and reeling in those awesome vibes, while spectators get to watch, talk, judge, vote and buy! Tickets are available to purchase online here.


About Moda Events: Moda Events was started in 2013 by Zoe Howarth, it was brought about with the love of living in Chilliwack and wanting to work here too. I have a need to bring innovative and exciting events to Chilliwack, it just makes sense that Chilliwack is an amazing place to live AND play! Not only outdoors, but the crazy fun nights out/in we can have too. You should always step outside the box and out of that comfort zone, which is exactly what these artists are doing for you on March 28th!To learn more about Moda Events, visit our website at www.modaevents.ca



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