Thursday, March 6, 2014


Can Russia and China Be Wrong?

Disregarding EMG radiation in homes may have long-term health effects

Submitted by Captain (RET) James Flynn, Kelowna


he public deserves - no, NEEDS - to know the truth about the very real dangers of all wireless technology, which is readily evident in the attached slides, all of which are supported by appropriate references.  


In particular, the public - and especially our elected officials and provincial utility commissions - need to know that:

Like it's 'Western Alliance' countries: the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Canada's radio / microwave radiation 'Safety" Exposure Limits are at least 100 times higher/more dangerous than are Russia's, China's, Italy's, Switzerland's and many European countries; 

Canada, like its four other 'Western Alliance' countries, DOES NOT protect the public against the non-thermal effects of radio / microwave frequency radiation, which all of today's devices emit!

The Council of Europe (47 countries representing 800-million people) say that Canada's, like its Western Alliance partners', radio / microwave radiation 'Safety' Exposure Limits are dangerously outdated and obsolete, because they do not protect the public against non-thermal radio / microwave frequency radiation;

Canada, like its 'Western Alliance' partners, have 'Safey' Exposure Limits for magnetic and electric fields that are at least 1,000 times higher/more dangerous than are Russia's or Sweden's. 

Canada, like Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, continues to be nothing more than a pathetic sychophant puppet of the USA, which in turn is being led by the corrupt U.S. government/Military/industrial complex.

Because of this systemic corruption, Canada continues to push microwave technology in the form of Wi-Fi into public schools across the country, while increasingly schools in Europe have been pulling it out for more than three years now.

Now Canada is pushing wireless Smart Meters in meshed-networks, which will prove to be the most hazardous of all technologies foisted upon an ignorant, trusting and utterly defenseless public.

Such is the corruption in the five Western Alliance countries - led by the USA - that independent, non-industry funded scientists around the world are calling the Western Alliance's deliberate suppression of the truth in order to promote their wireless technology (in all industrial sectors), the largest unauthorized experiment on the public - without either their knowledge or consent - in our entire history!


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