Saturday, March 22, 2014



A Different Angle on Smart Meters

Electricity infrastructure vulnerable to EMP attack

Submitted by Captain (RET) James Flynn


s a retired career SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and EW (Electronic Warfare) specialist, and the only navy radio operator at the time authorized to operate the world’s most northerly Amateur Radio (HAM) station: VE8TU 1959-60, I can state categorically that no informed government would allow electrical utilities to be so irresponsible and downright stupid as to use wireless radio technology to control and operate something as critical as its electric power grid.

Governments and the public need to know that electric utilities everywhere don’t want us to know that Smart Meters can easily be hard-wired.

Every significant military organization in the world – and likely every major terrorist group – has an arsenal of EW weapons easily capable of disrupting, jamming or incinerating (literally “frying”) any wireless radio system operating anywhere on the electromagnetic spectrum!  An entire country’s wireless electric grid can be literally ‘fried’ by just one “EMP” (electromagnetic pulse) weapon, which a number of countries possess, e.g. North Korea, Iran, Russia, USA, and likely Israel, China and India, as a minimum.

Learn more about what an electromagnetic pulse is and watch a YouTube clip here.


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