Monday, March 31, 2014

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Unexpected Garden artist Bollerup to give insight into style, colours April 9

Released by Mary Main Chalmers


Ross Bollerup's painting of a man and woman working in a garden.


is exhibit displays a wide selection of original paintings and constructions with some stencilling using a variety of media and techniques. They reveal a unique vision of the upper Fraser Valley and the realm of the cultivated garden.


Representations of bird, mammal, gardener and butterfly interrelate in fields of natural elements.

Ross will be discussing his sources of inspiration, methods of production and choice of colours.

Please do not miss this rare opportunity to see this great exhibit and meet the artist in person. It isn’t often that a chance like this comes along, so come and take advantage of it. It will be extremely interesting for both artists, and those who like art.

There is no charge for this talk, or for visits to the Gallery at any time.

“Unexpected Garden” is on display until Saturday April 26th Wed – Sat 12 noon -5:00pm.

Artist Ross Bollerup will be available to discuss his current exhibit “Unexpected Garden” at the Chilliwack Culture Centre Gallery 9201 Corbould St. on Wednesday April 9th 2014 at 2:30 pm.

For more information, visit Chilliwack Visual Artists Association


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