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Kamp swings into Chilliwack April 4 with new CD  

Released by Laurie Brown


oal Kamp is on a Western Canadian CD Release Tour from March 28 - May 3 and will be making stops in Chilliwack on April 4 at the Acoustic Emporium and Abbottsford on April 25 at the The Wired Monk Parallel.


Following the success of his award-winning debut album, Sojourner, Rocky Mountain minstrel JOAL KAMPS is set to release his much-anticipated sophomore album, Heads is East, Tails is West in April 2014.

The new record will feature 11 songs – many shaped by the stories, sights, and sounds of Alberta’s rich culture, landscape, and history.

Kamps continues to develop his signature ‘Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop’ sound on this album. This time, however, he’s incorporating his growing World Music influence – and the combination is striking.

Before his career in music, JOAL KAMPS spent four years travelling the globe in search of adventure and the ever-elusive ‘self’.

He went from sleeping in a car for six weeks one harsh Canadian winter, to walking the runways of Italy as a male model during Men’s Fashion Week, to building and installing Biosand water filters in impoverished communities in El Salvador.

From Asia to Europe to Central America, he went wherever the winds would take him. Perhaps that’s what makes his songs resonate with the sojourner in all of us.

Now a maverick in the ever-shifting sea of folk music, Joal defies any easy pigeonhole, setting himself and his sound apart from other folk musicians with his unique self-taught style and humble approach to performing and storytelling through song.

He skillfully weaves a touching tale in a haunting ballad, sings a witty song about modern life, plays a sweet melody on guitar, and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in an often-troubled world – all while retaining a genuine spirit that has earned him the hearts of adoring fans many times over.

“His soulful lyrics seep into your bones and echo into your spirit. His storytelling ability makes the characters of his songs feel alive and full” says Carmen Paterson, Director of the Rosebud Folk Festival.

Already a veteran of national and international touring, Calgary based artist JOAL KAMPS’ first full-length album, Sojourner, won a prestigious Western Canadian Music Award and an Independent Music Award for the radio single, Take My World Apart.

Having showcased at prominent music industry events and festivals including Big Valley Jamboree, BreakOut West, and Canadian Music Week, Joal is a seasoned and respected stage performer.

Soon he will be embarking on a six-week Western Canada CD Release Tour at the end of March, promoting Heads Is East, Tails Is West and showcasing it’s songs – two of which have already been acclaimed as finalists in numerous international songwriting contests.

What: CD release party

Where: Acoustic Emporium 45892 Wellington Avenue

When: April 4, 7 p.m.

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