Monday, March 31, 2014



I-Dent-A-Kid April 26 at Cottonwood Mall

Released by Jean Woods, Chilliwack/Photos submitted


The Wing ID's kids at Cottonwood Mall in 2011.


he 879 Earl MacCleod Wing have been doing this I-Dent-A-Kid for many years. The Wing has I-Dent-A-kided more than 6000 children over this time.


The Children are photographed, finger printed and height and weight at that time recorded in a book that looks like small passport.


In the cases of a small baby, a foot print in taken.


So if there is need to locate a lost or missing child, they have the information to help with the search.


This service is done with the co-operation of the 147 Airwolf Squadron Air Cadets.


There is no cost but donations are requested to help to replace the supplies used.


It is a good idea to repeat this process after the children are a few years older.

When: Saturday April 26th, 2014 from 10.00am until 3:00pm

Where: Cottonwood Mall inside near to the Sears Store

 For further information about 879 (Earl MacLeod) RCAF Wing Air Force Association of Canada, visit the Facebook page here. 



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