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Good Seed Sunday inspires appreciation for nature on Earth Day April 27

Released by Nico Bauman, Jelly Marketing/Photos by Brook McAllister


A young girl thrilled to have a wild bird land on her hand. Photos by Brook McAllister.


Rocha Canada is no stranger to the call to environmental stewardship and creation care. On April 27th, A Rocha's third annual Good Seed Sunday will take place, helping Canadians celebrate Earth Day.


Good Seed Sunday is expecting a milestone 3rd year. A Rocha Canada looks forward to having communities across Canada join the movement, and hearing stories about how people are caring for creation in a myriad of meaningful ways.

A Rocha is passionate about equipping others to join in Good Seed Sunday: "Through this campaign, we are offering loads of free resources for theological and practical creation care in your communities," says Communications Director, Luke Wilson.

#GoodSeedSunday is ‘going green’ by expanding their digital footprint rather than a carbon one by inviting fellow stewards to share stories via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social platforms.

Thoughtful supporters have already started to build community gardens, adopt parks and streams, encourage family and friends to ‘live lighter’, and to spread the word via social media.

"We are excited to see the communities across the country get involved in caring for creation in their neighbourhoods," says A Rocha Canada’s Executive Director, Markku Kostamo.

Markku and his wife, Leah, helped to establish the A Rocha ministry here, as Canada’s first Christian environmental centre. Leah’s highly acclaimed book, Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling, and Community (Cascade Books, 2013) tells their inspiring story, and is part of Good Seed Sunday's robust resource collection.

A Rocha is an international Christian organization which engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects. By restoring salmon habitat, training young scientists, inspiring school children, and feeding low-income families –- A Rocha is transforming people and places through hands-on conservation projects, environmental education programs and sustainable agriculture initiatives.

A Rocha Canada welcomes you to join the call to care for our world and celebrate Good Seed Sunday on April 27th!


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