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Lord of the Rings

A heartwarming tale of how the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters found a long lost wedding ring

Story by Mark Lewis. FVTH/Photos submitted


Local Fraser Valley Treasure Hunter Mike Weslowski presents Richard Toop with the newly found $10,000 wedding ring Saturday in Greendale. Below, Mark Lewis checks out the unbelievable find.


t is with great pleasure that I can report that we found what we were looking for today a very expensive wedding ring. This hunt had been planned for over a year but we finally managed to get everyone together today.

Three years ago, Jackie Toop lost her wedding band while gardening. Both the Toops looked high and low for the ring. No luck.

Sadly, since then, Mrs. Toop passed away suddenly after 37 years of marriage.


It was of great importance that we find the ring she had lost. 

It was a bit of a stretch that the ring would still be there as grass clippings had been bagged and hauled away.


The hunt was a members-only hunt and because of the size of the area being hunted, we could only have a small number of members present and six was the magic number.

The day was grey and threatening rain which soon came along.


After 2 hours of cold and rain, "I FOUND IT" rang out. The ring had been found, under an apple tree not to far from what was left of the grass clippings.

After telling the relatives that lived next door, Mr Toop and his Daughter Sarah were called and told the good news, Mr. Toop couldn't believe it.

It was Club Member Mike Wesloski who made the actual find. I want to take this time to say thank you to all involved, especially to Mr. Toop and his daughter Sarah.

The ring is finally back where it belongs.



About the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

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The great crew from Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters.






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