Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Fanning Partisan Flames

Love fests, pajama parties, social media trolls, BBQs transform local political scene into a joke

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Supporters were serious about what they were doing at MP Mark Strahl's office, but political representatives fell short. Below Louis de Jaegger speaks to protestors.


epresentatives from three political parties: the Federal Liberal Party, the BC NDP and the Green Party of BC, all roasted weenies over bipartisan flames in togetherness in the parking lot at MP Mark Strahl's on Tuesday.


They were supposedly there to fight against the proposed Fair Elections Act. At least supporters were there for that reason.


So, instead of having political parties in Chilliwack on opposite ends of the spectrum going at each other hammer and tong, you have three parties in bed together for a love-in, complete with sign dancing, holding hands, chomping hot dogs.


It's not just on one issue either—it's every issue, from wild salmon to the WaterWealth Project.


As it is, there's one untouchable ruling party with an MP who's never seen anywhere but at ribbon-cuttings, and three very weak contenders scurrying around looking for crumbs.


They're not stand-alone politicians on anything. In fact, while leaning on each other, they spend more time looking for bipartisanship issues than anything else.


So whose interests are really being served? Not the voters.


After all, this is just Chilliwack. Residents are barefoot hillbillies and don't know any better, right?


The Fair Elections Act is a partisan issue. Yesterday's backslap was more about glad-handing and networking than about the Fair Elections Act.



Gwen O'Mahony didn't even refer to it in her speech, so it's clear she hasn't done her homework.


Green Party campaign manager Wayne Froese is seen to be continuously buddying up to  NDP members at every rally and public event possible. Obviously, he's riding on NDP coattails to market his face and name, but this guy doesn't even take himself seriously, so how are people going to take his party seriously on election day?


The only one of the three speakers that had anything of substance to say was Chilliwack-Hope Federal Liberal Association President Louis de Jaegger. Listen to his speech here.


All Chilliwack has in the way of politicians to take on the Conservatives in the next election are this rag tag bunch out serenading empty offices on Vedder Rd., instead of taking it to Strahl where he's at – in Ottawa.


These guys need to save the hobnobbing for behind closed doors and establish themselves as viable political contenders, or get out of Dodge.


Chilliwack deserves better. The only thing these guys have done is homogenize local politics and turn it into a joke and laughing stock in the community.


The last box on the voter ballot should be "None of the Above".



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