Friday, March 14, 2014

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Oil Spill Scare

Environment Canada dallies on substance cleanup

Staff/Photos courtesy of WaterWealthProject


A photo taken January 17 shows the "leachate" off of Cannor Rd. allegedly coming from the log sort. Below, pools next to stacks of logs.


person out walking their dog on a trail off of Cannor Rd. Thursday, came across what appeared to be puddles of oil. Emerge crews were called in to assess the situation and it was determined that the source of the substance was likely a nearby log sort facility.


The Voice inquired with WaterWealth project and Ian Stephen who is filling in for Sheila Muxlow, said it wasn't oil.


"It was first brought to our attention by a local who fishes near there. We had a look and took photos. The black stuff appears to be leachate from the log sorting operation, as you mentioned, though people tend to think it is oil because of how black it looks," said Stephen in an e-mail Friday.


A month later and still nothing has been done to mitigate the mess.


"We contacted the BC RAPP line and DFO. They passed it on to Environment Canada, who spoke with me by phone and then visited the site. I've tried once to get some follow up from Environment Canada but was only told Environment Canada is following up on the report that was received," said Stephen adding "That's where it sits at the moment.  I'm taking it on faith that Environment Canada are doing proper analysis and follow up, but I haven't heard anything more from them."


Environment Canada could not be reached for comment.

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